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Christmas At The Cabin

One of the many advantages to owning vacation property is the ability to create memories in different settings that are consistent with your families values and goals. I know many families that choose to spend Christmas at the cabin because it allows them to unplug and focus on each other. 

Could there be anything more idyllic than watching the snow fall over the lake with a lighted Christmas tree harvested from your own property while family members sled or skate and then run in for a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate? Of course all of this would happen at your very own place of rest and at your own pace. Life is definitely better at the cabin.

Or maybe there is no lake, just the soft patter of snowflakes falling while blanketing the Balsam and pine trees as you leave your cabin on snowshoes or cross-country skis to break trail in the undisturbed snow.

Many of us enjoy winter as adults but almost every kid I know loves the snow. It means sledding, snowball fights, snow angels, snow forts, and the list goes on. Many times adults see it as a burden but having Christmas or New Year’s Eve at the cabin might allow you to embrace the magic of winter. Often, I believe our annoyance with snow has to do with the burdens of daily life. If we have to drive to work in the snow it’s no fun, but if we can have a snow day at our vacation property where we get snowed in and involve ourselves with the children in activities of play our whole perspective might change. Remember that kids spell love T-I-M-E and there is no better way to cause delight in them than to release your inner child and play with your kids.

If you are fortunate enough to have lake property you can build a bonfire, set up some tip-ups, and play a game of football on the ice. Whenever the team gets chilly they can simply warm up by the fire and even roast some marshmallows to gain the energy to get back out and play some more. You could also forgo the football and instead (if the ice is thick enough) plow a rink and play some hockey.

If you like to hunt you could always walk your land for grouse or take your bow out for deer. Neither season ends until the end of the year and I always try to get out on the last day of grouse season because you’ll have to wait until the following September before you get another shot at the tastiest food available on our planet. Wouldn’t it be something to enjoy a dinner of fresh grouse on Christmas eve?

Of course you may decide to simply enjoy the light and warmth of a fire while sipping tea and playing games inside. There really is something about watching a winter storm while you are snug inside your lake home or cabin enjoying the laughter and conversation of family or good friends.

Christmas at your vacation property can be an enduring tradition, one in which you truly leave work behind and focus on the simple, enduring things in life - faith, family, and the outdoors.

From all of us at Northview Bank, may you have a Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season.