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10% Down on Cabin Financing

You've probably said it before: “Someday I'd like to buy my own cabin.”

Buying a cabin might feel like it’s a long way off. With most vacation property financing solutions requiring big down-payments, buying a lake lot, second home, hunting land, or cabin seems financially out of reach for most people.

Stop Waiting for Someday

Cabin Financing from Northview Bank that Fits Your Life

With each year that passes, people get busier, kids get older, and your dreams of someday owning a cabin are just that — dreams. Someday doesn't seem to be getting any closer as more demands on your time and money are giving you less opportunities to find a financing solution that will work for your life. You need someone who sees you where you're at; a bank that will make buying a cabin possible for you now.

If you have a good credit score, you don’t need a big downpayment. There’s a better solution at work for you by working with Northview Bank.

Financing with as Little as 10% Down

At Northview Bank, our lending experts are writing a different story for people. We believe that cabin financing solutions should be designed to work for honest, hard-working people who don’t want to wait forever to get their own vacation home. Our lending experts work closely with borrowers across Minnesota and Wisconsin, helping them qualify for financing solutions that only require a 10% downpayment.

You can move forward with your dream of owning your own cabin, lake home, vacation home, lake lot, or plot of hunting land. All you need is 10% down! Our process is simple as long as you have a good credit score. Our team is here and ready to help you gather the right information and make the right decision.

Someday has come.

You just need to get started by reaching out to the vacation property lending team at Northview Bank.